2014/2015 academic year Preventive Medicine and Public Health Final Exam You will have 20 questions from environmental health, 20 questions from epidemiology and 10 questions from Health policy and Health promotion. Information regarding multiple choice tests (MCT): MCTs allow the selection of a single or multiple responses from a pre-defined list. - The number of possible good answers is 1, 2 or 3. - If you mark any wrong answer beside the good one(s) you get 0 point. - If you find half of the good answers you get 1 point. - If you find the all correct answers you get 2 points. Infromation regarding essay question (EQ): EQ allows a response of a few sentences or paragraphs. The exam lasts sixty (60) minutes. Possession of cell phones and any type of electronic device is prohibited during exams. Use of cell phones for calculating data is prohibited. Talking during exam can be assumed to be for the purposes of cheating since it is not possible for the teacher to know the content of the conversation. Consequences of talking and use of cell phones will be immediate suspension from exam.